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About Bronwyn Ayla, LAc
Trained in traditional healing practices from around the world, I am a licensed primary care provider, acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, as well as a Reiki, Yoga, and Bodywork instructor. My methodology integrates an advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiological processes for optimizing vitality and unfolding the mind and body’s latent potential.

As a holistic professional providing natural health care, I view the body as a vehicle for transformation and growth. By cultivating and supporting greater health and aliveness we enable our consciousness to evolve. Each person brings forward a unique approach to health. As such, I offer a wide range of natural healing modalities which link the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies to promote integrated healing.
My approach to healing is holistic, direct and compassionate. I encourage the empowered participation of people and strive to help them discover a greater sense of awareness and vitality in their lives. In addition to providing healing sessions, I invite people to broaden their approach to disease, pain and their environment.

Having spent decades studying classical sources from various traditions, I strive to make these ancient teachings accessible to my patients and students in a way that relates to their everyday lives.

My clinic is set in the beautiful Berkeley Hills overlooking the Bay. I look forward to supporting you in making sustainable lifestyle changes that will allow you to live more fully with greater aliveness.
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